Wednesday, October 28, 2009

swimming with sharklets

so... today we have swim class. I arrive twenty minutes early to the carpool line so I can get my kids loaded up first and dash over the notoriously slow and annoying Laurel Canyon Blvd. and, twenty two minutes later, arrive somewhere on Kling Street(whose name alone gave me pause when I started Willa here two years ago- NEVER would have bought there if given the opportunity, imagine every thime you have to give you address...)
 We rush inside the cabana, throw on suits and bathing caps and I shove them toward their respective teachers, who are bobbing about in the 90 degree pool, patiently awaiting our arrival.
The lessons are just adorable.Big yells to Little every time they pass by one another in the pool, which the teacher finally stops. Little  squeals with delight everytime she comes up for air and Big is swimming like such a girl now, no longer a baby or even a toddler. Her long skinny legs crouch down in dive position as the teacher talks her into the pool, bellyflopping and swimming all the way across.
When they finish simultaneously twenty minutes later, each child emerges dripping and exhausted from pool. I wrap them in identical towels and dress them in identical striped pink terry hoodies with their names embroidered on the front. Life is just too adorable and everything matches.Martha Stewart would be proud.
Then we get in the car. Big begins screaming that she wants to hand the cookies ( their shared reward- a small bag of famous amos mini cookies) out to Little.Predicting that Big may give herself the lion's share, I deny and insist on individual bowls to prevent more screaming on the freeway. Little begins screaming because I try and help her get into the car. Suddenly all of the adorable is gone and I am sweating and it is just loud and piercing and I am thinking to myself, "how did this happen?..whose kids are these???these are not my  annoying kids... this is not my chaotic life!! (CUE MUSIC)letting the days go by and the water hold me down/letting the days go by water flowing under ground...same as it ever was ..same as it ever was....same as it ever was ..." David Byrne is a genius...and certainly must have had small children at some point....this is now my theme song...We eventually get to the freeway,after much hissing through clenched teeth and forcing of little limbs into carseat restraints. Each child has her four cookies in her individual bowl  and is happily singing along to Jimmie Crack Corn. I look in the rearview mirror at their wet hair and chlorinated pink eyeballs and savor the moment. Because it won't last long.

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