Tuesday, October 27, 2009

sleeping in..........

May. 19th, 2008 at 9:19 AM
day 2 of lifelong blogging
weight:154.5 ( damn you ,dora ice cream)
mood: crankydiet: pancake scraps, pesto alphabet pasta, pirate's booty, grilled cheese scraps

so, little one was up all night coughing and bitching and nursing.she is 13 months and sweet as pie nut MamaSahm is getting tired of the routine. I need to sleep more or will surely do harm to something or someone in the near future.....just kidding, sort of...Husband got up this morning with Big one ( cheers! FIREWORKS!! hOORAY)which he rarely does without being asked....and I slept for a whole extra hour.... I awoke to this roasting Monday morning in Socal to my darling husband and darling 3 year old making pancakes...oh, yes, they made quite a little mess ,with pancake batter dripping from every cabinet and batter prints on every surface......very Norman Rockwell...He used vegetable oil to start,which spattered everywhere....and didn't bend over quite far enough to see the measuring cup on the bottom shelf,so he used the one from the kids play cook set... I tried really hard to be appreciative, but I ended up cleaning up the mess while they ate all the pancakes..........my daughter was pissed that I wasn't more excited ...but no coffee and no sleep makes it really hard to muster up the ability to pretend that a huge mess and half eaten pancakes is the most wonderful thing in the world....perhaps my own fault for not just letting the mess sit... sleeping in is way overrated.....it is a choice between eating shit now or eating it in an hour...whoopie.......maybe I am too cynical to be a parent...

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