Monday, October 26, 2009

memorial day in afmanistan

May 28th, 2008 1:13pm
well, back from a 6 day extravanganza of no extra child care......went to wine country for the long weekend...discovered a new technique to deal with my darling husband's different way to parent "as a team"..( read mom does 80 percent, dad does 20 percent).It began when we unloaded the car at hotel number 2 and schlepped everything up to our room.he left the luggage cart in the hall, turned on the tv and flopped onto the bed. I was still wearing 20 lb backpack; both kids needed diaper changes and water, all of our stuff was in the hall- so I said" hey, this isn't afghanistan...get up and help me unload all of of this stuff". And he did.....Ever since I have punctuated similar moments with a running commentary on life in Afmanistan. In hushed tones, as if I were reporting it from the field ....I would narrate-" In Afmanistan, the women are responsible for all of the heavy lifting, child care, cleaning and navigating.They must remember to sunscreen their husband's neck, remind him to bring his sneakers and make sure to remind him of where he left his wedding ring while he took a shower.If the husband decided to go work out for three hours and leaves the wife with the kids at the hotel, she is expected to pack up everything, account for all of his missing clothing and accessories and know where it all is at every moment"   ..When he spent too much time in the bathroom, leaving me with two cranky kids in the hotel lobby for ten minutes...." In Afmanistan, the bowel movements of the male have achieved a ritual status, requiring the female to wait for extended periods of time-as if observing the movement...."   It is much funnier in person, but it kept me from killing him when he decided to "take a break" while we were feeding the kids dinner in the hotel room.... take a break? are you kidding? there are no breaks in child rearing...... welcome to the war in afmanistan, kid......

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