Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Oct. 27th, 2009 at 5:32 PM
wow, truly scarry( uh huh...see what staying home with kids will do.. ?I know that it's SCARY, but we often read aloud from Richard SCARRY, so you can understand how it might get a bit confusing) to log in and see that it has been the better part of seventeen months since I last posted....yikers... and I dont even have the energy to start with what I ate or weighed or whatever that stuff was in the beginning posts... kids are now 2.5 and 4.25 and BOTH IN SCHOOL!! however, have gotten flabby in all parts ( physical, mental, spiritual) and was relying on the plethora of free time to become the amazing inspirational and slightly enviable sex goddess at forty, publish my best seller by forty two ( as promised by now deceased psychic)and save at least one aspect of our dying planet before the kids are in elementary school... boy is there a lot to do in the next seventeen months...well, I am back for now, as fat and saucy as before but definitely feeling the future's so bright I gotta wear a whole lotta sunscreen... NPR.... yeah, the real news really brings me down...let it stand for Not Particularly Rapturous...land I let my US mag subscription lapse to try and be a less shallow more complete person.. fuck...

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